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Endoscopy Lab

Full GI Endoscopy Services for Adults and Children

The GI Endoscopy Lab at Central DuPage Hospital provides a full range of services related to the gastrointestinal (digestive) and pulmonary (breathing) systems. We work with patients on an inpatient and outpatient basis, and provide care for children, as well as adult patients. Our staff is committed to patient-focused care.

What is Endoscopy?

There are various types of endoscopic procedures, which are prescribed for many different reasons. Endoscopy enables the physician to look inside your intestines and other organs of the digestive or respiratory systems. The endoscope is a long, thin, lighted tube that transmits images from inside your body, so that the physician can look for abnormalities like inflamed tissue, unusual growths, bleeding or other conditions. Tiny instruments also can be passed through this tube that allow the physician to remove a small sample of tissue for biopsy or to treat the abnormal areas directly.

The endoscope is inserted either through the mouth and esophagus (upper endoscopy or upper GI) or through the rectum (lower GI). You will be given a sedative to help you relax and remain comfortable during this process. Because of the sedative, you will not be permitted to drive home from the hospital after your endoscopy. Please make arrangements to be picked up after your procedure.

The stomach and intestines must be empty for a GI endoscopic procedure. To prepare, you may need to fast or follow a special liquid diet for several days beforehand. You also may be instructed to use medications and/or enemas to prepare. Your physician will give you detailed instructions. If you have any questions about preparing for endoscopy, please call the physician that will be performing the procedure.

Our Services

Specialists at Central DuPage Hospital perform:

  • Diagnostic endoscopic procedures, to help physicians identify and analyze disease conditions
  • Therapeutic endoscopic procedures, aimed at treating the disease or removing abnormal tissue
  • Screening endoscopic procedures to aid early detection of diseases, such as colon cancer

Services of the GI Endoscopy Lab include:

  • Bronchoscopy – adults and children
  • Tracheostomy
  • Esophageal motility study
  • 24-hour ambulatory pH study
  • 48-hour pH study with Bravo
  • Esophageal dilatation
  • Gastroscopy and esophagogastroduodenoscopy
  • Endoscopic variceal sclerosing
  • Colonoscopy and colonoscopy screening
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • ERCP for papillotomy and stone extraction (gallstones)
  • Percutateous gastrostomy tube (PEG)
  • Abdominal paracentesis
  • Enteryx Procedure for GERD
  • Stretta procedure
  • Biopsy

Pain management is a priority. We strive to keep patients as comfortable as possible throughout endoscopic procedures. Patients may experience minor discomfort afterward, such as a sore throat.

The Team

Patients in the Endoscopy Lab benefit from the expertise of a multidisciplinary team. The team includes:

  • Physicians board-certified in gastroenterology and pulmonology
  • Nurses with experience in endoscopy nursing and training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Endoscopy associates
  • Specialists in diagnostic imaging, respiratory disease, social services, nutrition, spiritual services and pharmacy

Call for an Appointment

To schedule an endoscopy procedure, contact your physician who will make the appropriate referral. To locate a physician, please call 630-933-4234 (4CDH).

Location and Hours

Central DuPage Hospital
25 N. Winfield Road
Winfield, IL 60190

Please confirm the location of your procedure at the time of scheduling.
Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Staff is on-call 24 hours for emergency cases.